Johns Hollow Shelter to Brown Mountain Creek Shelter

Last night I slept better then I have for awhile. I always sleep better in my tent then I do sleeping in the shelters. In the shelters you normally have at lest one person who will be snoring. Because I was sleeping so sound, I didn’t get out of my tent until 8:00 am.

It was then a climb up Big Rocky Row where I was treated to a view of the James River, and the bridge I had crossed yesterday. As I sat looking out over the mountains, I couldn’t help but feel how large and beautiful our country is. I don’t know if a person would have enough time to experience it all, but I feel blessed to have this chance to experience here and now.

The next climb for the day was Bluff Mountain. At the top of this mountain is a monument to Ottie Cline Powell. On November 9, 1890, Ottie strayed from Tower Hill School House and traveled a distance of 7 miles to the spot of the monument, where her body was found April 5, 1891.

While hiking down Bluff Mountain I ran into some trail maintainers. The AT is maintained by volunteer groups. This clubs maintain the shelters, clear blow downs, build bridges and many other things. Today they were cutting down the weeds along the trail. I thanked these guys for there work, and got a photo to post.

Later in the day, I ran into a boys scout troop out for a hike. They asked all kinds of questions when they learned I was thru hiking the AT. I was happy to answer all there question, perhaps a future thru-hiker in the group.

Tonight I’m at Brown Mountain Creek. There is a father here by the name of Caboose, and is doing a thru-hike with his 13 year old daughter whose trail name is Sassafras. She is hiking for their church’s food bank back home in Maine. That’s just amazing. After a 18 mile day I’m ready to eat and relax.

Ronnie B. heading north.



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4 Responses to Johns Hollow Shelter to Brown Mountain Creek Shelter

  1. Jeanette Birt Hildreth says:

    Seriously Ron, How DID you get prepared for this?

    • ronebirt says:

      Hi Jeanette, walked on the treadmill a lot, but I don’t think anything you can
      do will really prepare you. You kind of learn as you go.

      • Jeanette Birt Hildreth says:

        I am finding your blog so intriguing. I even googled someone else’s that finished, I think back in 2010, and am reading the whole thing. There’s was kind of a project in writing and is very interesting, but there’s nothing like reading the ones from someone you actually know. Keep up the good job Ron. I really admire what you’re doing.

      • ronebirt says:

        Thanks Jeanette

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